The Maker

You dream it, I help you make it!

"If you can dream it, you can make it!"

Sounds good, but from a dream to a usable "something", there is indeed a looong way, you will need for sure some assistance.


I consider myself a Maker, the skills i appreciate and focus on more and more are: common sense, self-critique and honest feedback, followed by perseverence and hands-on attitude. These are an absolute must have to bridge the "vision to product state" or in other words the "creational gap".

My playground is embedded hw/sw, so i do have a solid background in electronics and software/firmware development.


Being a creative mind, with hunger for new ideas, i will definitely listen to yours and give you an unbiased opinion about it.

This service comes for free, take advantage of it :)


Later on, we can see how i can help you bring your idea to the physical world.