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 Just a few words about the main concept.

Probably you heard about outsourcing, this kind of project management is mainly used in software development, when an external company is "hired" to develop a part, or the entire software.

The outsolder concept is similar to outsourcing, but it is hardware related.


- you have a product which you want to expand, but your company is not hardware oriented or you don't have the time/resource to finish it

- you invented something, or just got some really good ideas, and you need some electronics for it, which is beyond your knowledge

In this case you are in the right place, we could help you, from tech-support, design support, manufacturing support, or even product development during the whole product lifetime.
Fields of activity:

Custom prototyping, entire product life-cycle support.

Embedded firmware development.

Custom hardware development, like senzors, regulators, home automation.

Wireless communication based products.

Windows based PC-Hardware interface software.

PCB development for large scale production.

Distributor selection guidance.


The Outsolder Team:
Laszlo Fabian,
Szabolcs Nemeth


*Please note that the site is currently undergoing trough a major refactoring, though the core goal will be kept.

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